Maple Sugaring Season

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Maple Sugaring Season

NEW - Four images from this series will be shown at the Whitney Center for the Arts in the March 2013 Photography Show.


I've just uploaded a small series of images taken around New Hampshire and Vermont during maple sugaring season. The images depict the traditional methods of gathering raw maple tree sap and boiling it down into sweet liquid gold. The maple sugaring season runs at the end of winter, beginning of spring when the nights are still cold but the days begin to warm and the trees start to wake from their hibernation.

Maple syrup is an all natural product and buying the real stuff contributes to a traditional way of life that has supported generations of farmers in rural areas. Don't by the mass produced sugar water produced by the national chains! Buy the real stuff! Each image in the series has information about the process, please stop by and enjoy the series! Thanks, Ed