Photography Tips Shooting Vintage Cars

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Photography Tips Shooting Vintage Cars

I love old cars. Beautifully restored or rusting junkers, I never miss the opportunity to capture a beautiful old vintage car. Either as a nostalgic throwback to a yesterday that I was too young to remember (except in the movies or TV show) or simply as documenting beautiful textures of pitted metal, cracked rubber and rust – my camera and I are there!

1. Watch out for reflections -The shiny waxed finishes on a restored vintage car can be a nightmare to photograph because of all the reflections. Often the photographer ends up in the shot! Time to be creative with angles as well as being on the look out for distracting elements such as reflections.

2. Get in close for details – Fins, wheels, emblems, interiors, engines – there are all kinds of details that can be captured on a beautiful old car. Besides typically at at car show its hard to get with all of the people milling around.

3. Ask for permission – At car shows you might notice that the car owners get a bit nervous when you approach their car. Basically this is their baby and they spend a lot of time polishing and buffing these beauties. What they really don’t want to see is someone marring the finish with fingerprints or horror of all horrors, scratching the finish with a belt buckle. Be friendly to the owners and chat them up a bit. Gain their trust and them perhaps they’ll be more inclined move the “for sale” sign or take out their lunch from the back seat so you can get a great photograph.

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